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IN BLOOM TANNING - 43-50 42nd Street, Sunnyside, NY 11104 - Phone: 718-937-2566
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Welcome to In Bloom Tanning
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We are the ultimate tanning salon in Sunnyside, New York when you are looking to get the best tan. We have state-of-the-art tanning beds including Ergoline, Heartland, Wolff and more.

We have been in Sunnyside, New York since 2007 providing all types of tanning beds as well as sunless solutions to those who are looking for the immediate dark bronze results. At In Bloom tanning you can for as little as $6 per session with a package.

Keeping you looking good and feeling great, we make your tanning salon visit a highlight to your day with bright attitude, knowledgeable staff in the cleanest environment. Our beds will give you the deep bronze tan that will ensure longer lasting tanning results.

Why tan anywhere else?

About Us
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As In-Bloom Tanning's founders we opened our premiere Salon in Sunnyside, New York for the simple fact that it has never before been offered to the public of Sunnyside. We wanted to make this luxury service accessible and affordable to our clients. In Bloom Tanning has been offering unparalleled rates for quality U.V and Airbrush Tanning. Our Staff members are fully trained skin specialists and Certified by the American Tanning Institute. We want to advise you for the best tanning beds and products for your specific needs and skin type. We have quality tanning beds.....................CLICK TO READ MORE

Tanning Tips
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The technology behind tanning comes in two basic designs. Today's most popular beds are designed in the form of a capsule shape, and referred to as tanning booths. Inside the capsule, the client stands surrounded by a sheet of plexiglass through which shines ultraviolet rays emitted by bright UVA and or UVB bulbs. This type of tanning booth is designed to provide the client with an ultraviolet spectrum of rays that mimic the effects of the sun............CLICK TO READ MORE

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